Conversion and Compliance 1.0


Learn the secret to mastering the art of persuasion so that you can effortlessly and without resistance get every patient to say YES to the treatment you know they need.


Prepay: $1,604.85
3 Monthly Payments of: $548.67


Understand how and when to present “bad” news and how to present price! This event will teach you how to get your patients to come in more often and how to get more revenue from each patient! You and your staff will learn and understand the principles of influence and how they relate to patient satisfaction and revenue.



  • Hate the word “sales?” Learn how to sell without “selling”
  • How and when you should present “bad” news
  • How to present treatment pricing
  • How to increase the frequency of patient visits and their purchase size
  • How to increase patient satisfaction to drive revenue


Course Breakdown

Day 1

Jay Geier spends day one detailing the importance of remaining in your bubble, how to apply the Principles of Influence in your practice in order to grow business. Hear from guest speakers who have mastered conversion and compliance strategies and will teach you how to communicate more effectively with your patients, how to add capacity to your office, how to produce an additional $7,500 in dentistry every day and understand how your image directly relates to the number of referrals you receive!

Day 2

Learn how to pay attention to what makes your patients happy, what gives them a sense of security and what ultimately makes them commit to being your patient for life. Understand the importance of an Ascension Model in your Practice and how forming this model in your Practice will keep your patients coming back for life. Jay and his guest speakers go into every detail necessary to build the ultimate patient experience in your office so that you can increase patient satisfaction, drive new patient referrals and sky-rocket your revenue.


Eye opening – never heard anything like it before… I’ve been in practice for 22 years, attended practice building and management groups, and in one weekend it became clear for the first time how to communicate to patients from the moment they walk in the door until they’ve accepted for care and how to influence them to comply to treatment necessary for them.

Dr. Lynn Bayly

This event helped me to set goals and aim high and create ideas of how to achieve those realistically. Gave some specific New Patient ideas- how and whom and what to gift. Helped us with wording (case presentation). They gave us specific things I can say and do to qualify patients better and save my time.

Dr. Robert Scranton

This event helped to give me the tools necessary to leverage my encounters with my patients and prospective leads.

Dr. Jeremy Gordon

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