The Best Case Presentation Event


Learn how to present treatment that is fearless, effortless and builds the strongest relationships with your patients!


Prepay At A Discount: $2,997.00
3 Monthly Payments of: $1098


Learn to stop selling and start building value with your patients. Sharpen your skills and learn new principles that will get you better results and you’ll hear the word ‘YES’ more often! Break old case presentation habits, polish your verbiage and master advanced patient communication skills to increase your average new patient revenue by at least $500.

Treatment acceptance is a must when it comes to having a profitable practice. Yes, you get new patients to come in, you supply great care and the next step is converting those patients into treatment. However, often the ball is dropped when it comes to properly presenting treatment. Have you ever had a pumped-up patient that was ready for treatment, then you pass them onto your financial coordinator and all of a sudden, they are gone? Are your people fumbling the opportunity? Get the right people trained to build a process that gets your patients to say YES, and most importantly, get them in the chair! Get advanced training and learn from the experts on mastering the skills of influence and persuasion, and start getting more patients to say YES!



  • 6 rookie mistakes you or your team could be making while presenting treatment
  • How to effortlessly increase your production in just 2 days
  • How case presentation impacts your bottom line
  • How to get your patients to say YES to even your biggest case recommendations
  • How to get an increase in revenue without spending more on marketing


Course Breakdown

Day 1

The #1 thought that patients have when they think about the Doctor is fear. Fear of pain, fear of bad news… whatever the case, Jay knows how to change this negative perception. Learn how to change the way your patients perceive you by improving internal and external communication and building strong relationships with your patients. Teach yourself and your team what to avoid when presenting treatment so that you can get your patients to say, ‘YES!’

Day 2

How much unrealized revenue are you leaving on the table? Learn the truth about your conversion rate, 12 ways to become more patient centric to increase revenue and learn how to improve 10 areas of your practice to step up your game. Take away all of the tips, tricks and strategies needed to increase clinical efficiency and speed that can take your practice to the next level of customer satisfaction and increased production.


I can’t stress how wonderful this was and how it’s going to help elevate our team to really personalize out office and really give some benefits to our patients.

Dr. Steve Freeman

Speaker, Jack Daly really made a statement about office culture and it’s importance.

Morgan Dentistry

Thank you so very much for such a fabulous, jam-packed 2 days of ‘ramping it up!’

Dr. Murray Johnson


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