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21 Marketing Things

Tested and Proven Marketing Tactics GUARANTEED to Bring In More New Patients.

With 21 tested and proven marketing tools and techniques, your marketer can take the time and guesswork out of creating campaigns from scratch!




3 pages into the study guide/book and already coming up with so many new ideas! This has become a brand new swipe file for me. If you’re guessing or debating on getting it or not… take it from me. I’ve attended Marketing Matters, Team Leaders and about to attend the Marketing U. You can’t get enough! Stats have sky-rocketed!

C. Tillery, Marketing Director

Just wanted to share with you all that I invested in the 21 Marketing Things product and gave it to my front office. They followed the Reactivation process and had 82 patients schedule (reactivate) within the 1st 30 days!

Dr. R. Hibbert

My team just done with their first time using your Hiring Guide…and I wasn’t directly involved!! They actually got compliments from the interviewees on the way (your way) the interviews were done – that is awesome I think. Much thanks to you!!”

Dr. C. Crocker

We have had a 55% increase in New Patients since attending TBMSE (2 months ago)!

Barbara Hart, Office Manager

Conversion and Compliance 3.0 was better than billed! And lives up to Jay’s philosophy of delivering more value than paid for in the fee.

Kevin Norige