127 Hours of Positive Mental Nutrition



and Counting...

Over 1,000 Doctors already own this tool to receive Positive Mental Nutrition and Ultimate Accountability & Engagement


At your office for staff meetings... prop your iPad up on your brand new iPad stand and press's your Portable Staff Meeting.


New hires to get them on-track and engaged right off the bat


In your car...pop in that CD or iPod in so you can stay engaged and in control of YOUR own PERSONAL economy.


On the airplane... want your flight to end as safely, quickly and productively as possible? With over 100 hours of compelling, results driven video and audio content, your flight will be over before you know it.


Headed to the gym? What could be more productive than working out your THINKING BRAIN while you are WORKING your body?


Ever been bored at kids practices or rehearsals? Ever been waiting for a kid outside in your car? Perfect... get some training in while you wait, then spend the quality time with them they deserve when they get there.



If you listen to this for one year, and you aren’t happy with the product and feel like you got absolutely nothing out of it, you can return the full product, money back GUARANTEED!


“Great tool for getting newcomers up to speed. We have two copies!”
Dr. M. Landry

“The audio is awesome in the car. I have the iPod for when I go walking. The iPad is even better when I have an hour in the evening or sitting at my desk at the office.”
Dr. P. Keelan

“I LOVE this tool! They are a great way to go back and pick up something you may have missed at the meeting!”
Dr. P. VanGurp




The first and LAST word on what REALLY gets patients say “YES” and pull out their checkbook. It really isn’t what you might think. Master the Art of Helping Patients Get What They REALLY Want so You Can Effortlessly & Without Resistance Get Every Patient to Say “Yes” Regardless of Cost!

“Conversion and Compliance helped refine my skills. Once again re-inventing my practice. This is a one-stop shop all your patient processing/compliance needs. It’s a must to reach your goals and dreams.”
Dr. T. Dembowski


You really CAN have as many new patients as you want. It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be erratic and unpredictable. It doesn’t have to be tricky, salesy & clever either. Discover the Secret to Attracting An Unlimited Number of New Patients To Your Practice Quickly, Easily, and Dependably & Ethically!

“I’ve been a client since 2009 and our office was trained on the phone skills. I thought that was the greatest thing until I attended the New Patient Attraction Seminar. What we learned there has allowed us to spend money on marketing and we are no longer participating in this recession and I truly feel the sky is the limit!”
Dr. G. Phillips

New Patient Attraction Event


See the actual break-down of EACH component of the “conversion and compliance” process. Discover exactly where YOUR process is breaking down and WHERE in the new patient experience they are REALLY making their decisions (it’s NOT where you think it is). Conversion & Compliance is about RADICALLY improving your patients’ experience and satisfaction, NOT about selling “harder”. Guaranteed to Turn Your Practice Profits Up Instantly!

“My first experience with Scheduling Institute was at the Conversion and Compliance 3.0. I was enamored with the amount of information that I learned in such a short period of time. I am excited about taking our practice to the next level.”
Dr. C. Ern


Jay Reveals His Own Proven Processes & Resources to Help You Grow the Value of Your Practice, Increase Cash Flow, Pay Off Debt, and Increase Your Net Worth and Financial Independence! Proven Processes to Increase Your Net Worth and Simple To Follow Strategies To Get You Debt Free Exclusive personal content not available ANYWHERE else.

“My wife and I went to Financial Freedom Weekend and we are following the program and it’s working wonderfully. On a daily basis I am putting away money in different buckets, and when the bill comes due, I have the money to pay it easily. We’re also saving more and fully funding our retirement.”
Dr. Robert Colpitts

Financial Freedom Weekend

The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 1.0 & 2.0

Two FULL events jam packed with the most experienced, prolific & successful marketers of dentistry in North America. Learn the WHOLE truth of ethical, conservative, professional marketing of your dental practice from the men and women who are DOING IT DAILY. You’ll see and hear first hand How To Can Create Your Own Personal Marketing Machine, with the tools, strategies, secrets and even actual tested and proven ever-green marketing campaigns you can use IMMEDIATELY to get new patients in your door within 24 hours!

“This really clarified my marketing plan!”
Dr. J. Schondelmayer

Also Includes Limited Edition Bonus Items!

Over 200 Inspirational Stories from other Offices on DVD (Valued at $3,994)


SI Staff Meetings! Only Available with this Package Pre-Loaded on your iPad (Valued at $1,297)


Teen Entrepreneurial Event on DVD, CD and workbook (Valued at $1,297)








Inside this package you’ll find the following from ALL of the events listed above...

• Every DVD from EVERY event
• Every CD from EVERY event
• Every Workbook from EVERY event
• Every Done-For-You campaign from EVERY event
• Every Tool, Strategy, System & Secret from EVERY event

That’s MILLONS In Practice Profits Pre-Loaded Into Just ONE Limited Edition Satchel JUST FOR YOU…

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