Whole Eventchilada – IPAD Only Package

7 of Scheduling Institute’s Best, Sold Out and Never-To-Be-Repeated Events – All Preloaded onto an iPad.

The Whole Eventchilada is being DISCONTINUED at the end of 2017. 1,429 Doctors own this tool, and 93% of our Top Producing Doctors use this tool on a daily basis. This iPad is intended to provide you with a Portable Staff Meeting and Positive Mental Nutrition on-the-go.

3 Monthly Payments of: $533


This loaded iPad includes:
THE NEW PATIENT ATTRACTION EVENT – Discover the Secret to Attracting an Unlimited Number of New Patients to Your Practice Quickly, Easily, Dependably & Ethically!
CONVERSION AND COMPLIANCE 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 – Radically Improve Your Patients’ Experience and Satisfaction & Turn “YES” into the Normal Response to Your Case Presentation!
THE BEST MARKETING SEMINAR EVER 1.0 and 2.0 – Learn How to Create Your Own Personal Marketing Machine, with the Tools, Strategies, Secrets and Even Actual Tested & Proven Marketing Campaigns You Can Use Immediately!
FINANCIAL FREEDOM WEEKEND – Jay Reveals His Own Proven Processes & Resources to Help You Grow the Value of Your Practice, Increase Cash Flow, Pay Off Debt and Increase Your Net Worth to Gain Financial Independence!-iPod Fully Loaded with all the Audio