Virtual 5-Star Telephone Training Bundle

Prepay: $2,995.00
5 Monthly Payments of: $599


Scheduling Institute was built on the foundation of our world-renowned 5-Star Telephone Training Program, designed to train your Front Desk Team Members to turn all inbound phone calls into scheduled appointments. Our Do-It-Yourself Telephone Training Course is one of our most desired training mechanisms, as many of your Team Members are currently working from home.


Upon enrolling in the Do-It-Yourself Telephone Training Program, you will receive your 5-Star Telephone Training Materials both in the mail and online through your personal S.I. Membership website (Valued at $2,499). You will select which Team Members you would like to train, and they will utilize these materials to learn everything they need to know, so that they’ll be more than ready to fill your schedule when patients begin rescheduling appointments, booking new appointments and looking for a new doctor. Remember, not all practices will recover from this situation. They will not open back up and their patients will be looking for a new doctor. Will you be ready to welcome them in? Fun fact: Jay Geier holds the Guinness World Record for generating 605 New Patients in ONE WEEK, using the 5-Star Telephone System.


Getting Started Manual What do you need to do to get started on increasing New Patients? How do you tell your team about this training? All of your questions are answered here!

Doctor Program Guide and Orientation All you need to know as the Doctor in your Practice and how to set your team up for success in their training process. This is provided on CD, USB and digitally on your personalized S.I. Members website.

Team Training Orientation All that your team needs to know in order to get started on increasing New Patients in your office! This is provided on CD, DVD, USB and digitally on your personalized S.I. Members website.

Team Bootcamp Series You will get 2 Team Training Packages, so that 2 of your Front Desk Team Members can begin training simultaneously. This Series is the EXACT same content delivered in our New Patient Mastery On-Site Training. It’s just packaged up and sent to you, rather than us sending a Certified Trainer to your office. This is provided on CD, DVD, USB and digitally on your personalized S.I. Members website.

1-on-1 Call Schedule a time and speak with one of our Practice Growth Advisors. They’ll get you set up for success and answer any questions you have. Plus, they’ll walk you through tracking and the other accountability tools you will gain access to on your personalized S.I. Member Website.


The Team Members that you choose to train will be held accountable by the Scheduling Institute Audit Department, on a monthly basis. They will anonymously call your office to critique your team members and assess their progress. Call ratings and recordings will be available on your personalized S.I. Member website, along with New Patient tracking tools and much more. Additionally, your subscription provides you (the doctor) and your front desk team with a constant feed of content from Jay Geier and our Team of Certified Training Experts. You and your team will be invited to ongoing Teleseminars, Q&A Call-In Days and Live Events. Plus, you will receive NEW Practice Building Lessons from Jay Geier 10x per year. You’ll be engaged in a feed of information that you’ll never want to lose access to as a Private Practice Owner.  


Monthly Accountability Keep your Team Members 5-Star Certified and be sure to track your New Patient numbers. Monthly calls and critiques of your office will result in more New Patients, a streamlined process for your phones and a better experience for your patients and team.

Constant Feed of Content from Jay Geier and Our Certified Trainers As a Subscriber, you will be connected to the largest training company in the world and will receive Do’s and Don’ts that come straight out of our Private Practice Growth Lab! You and your team will receive their own Newsletters, Teleseminars and more, that will allow you to get a constant feed of information from the experts to increase New Patients!

Personalized S.I. Member Website Gain access to your very own Dashboard! On, you will be able to track New Patients, listen to content, manage your team and so much more.

2 Complimentary Tickets to a Customer Appreciation Event with Jay Geier There are multiple opportunities for you to redeem your tickets this year, however we recommend you attend within your first 90 days of membership, as this event will teach you how to maximize your investment in S.I. and kickstart your practice growth. You’ll understand how to set goals, plan for your future and implement strategies that will produce unimaginable results.

Exclusive Pricing on Event Tickets The Scheduling Institute hosts the biggest, most impactful events in the industry every year and as an S.I. Member, you have access to exclusive pricing. These events change every year and Jay Geier covers topics such as Marketing, Case Acceptance, New Worth, Culture and so much more.


Our team of Certified Trainers and Advisors have set aside time in their schedules to complete complimentary Question & Answer Phone Calls, to help you better understand our Do-It-Yourself Telephone Training and Certification Subscription. A website can only explain so much; sometimes you just need to talk to an expert in real-time about your business, to determine the best solution for increasing New Patients in your office. You can call us anytime at 833-905-0443 or CLICK HERE to schedule a time to speak with one of our Team Members.