The Marketing Collection

Provide your Marketing Team with the content, tips, tricks and strategies needed to become an effective marketer in your office. The Marketing Collection will provide them with CDs, DVDs, Workbooks, ready to edit and use templates, pieces, copy and more. Start implementing IMMEDIATELY!

Prepay: $9,711.00
6 Monthly Payments of: $1660


– The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 1.0: Learn the whole truth of ethical, conservative and professional marketing of your dental practice from the men and women who are doing it daily!
-The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 2.0: See and hear first-hand how you can create your own personal marketing machine wit the tools, strategies, secrets and tested and proven ever-green marketing campaigns that you can use IMMEDIATELY to get new patients in your door within 24 hours.
– New Patient Attraction Event 2009: Discover the secrets to attracting an unlimited number of New Patients to your Practice… quickly, easily, dependably and ethically!
– Cracking the Marketing Code: Learn the secret to creating pieces that produce results without starting from scratch. From advanced multi-step, automated sequences and campaigns… you are guaranteed to turn up your revenue! This 3-Volume series will turn your Marketer into a results-producing master!
– 21 Marketing Things: 21 Marketing ideas, strategies and things that we do at The Scheduling Institute on a daily basis! Included is a DVD of Jay explaining each of the 21 things and done-for-you templates that you can takes, edit and use immediately! From video emails, email copy and marketing calendars… this tool will help you get marketing out the door as soon as possible… IT’S DONE FOR YOU!
– The Ultimate New Patient Attraction Event 2017 – FREE BONUS ITEM WITH PURCHASE (Valued at $2,750) Jay uncovers strategies, secrets and shortcuts that require minimal time, effort, testing and money. Learn how to attract the MAXIMUM number of New Patients in the shortest amount of time and radically increase your cash flow!
– 100 Swipes Book: FREE BONUS ITEM WITH PURCHASE (Valued at $3,000) Nearly 300 Doctors submitted their highest results-producing marketing campaigns and we selected the BEST OF THE BEST! This book contains over 100 TESTED AND PROVEN Marketing Campaigns, each including the idea, strategy, how it was implemented, images of marketing pieces AND the proven results. There is no need to re-invent the wheel… Swipe these ideas immediately!