The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 1. 0 and 2.0 on CD, DVD and Workbook

When you’re ready to really crank up your Practice a notch, or make sure your current Marketing tactics are producing what they should then you need a Marketing Machine that has WHEELS. You NEED to build a Marketing Machine that doesn’t just sit there unless you are running it.  It needs to be built so that it runs even when you aren’t there, always creating and producing RESULTS.

It’s NO SECRET that if you want more money, more income, more vacation time, more New Patients….YOU MUST MARKET MORE! Let’s do the math…if you received 10 additional patients with the average patient value at $2,000, that’s $20,000 EXTRA a month! New Patients are the LIFEBLOOD of your practice…DO YOU HAVE A MARKETING MACHINE that can generate the amount of patients you need to live the life of your dreams?  THESE SEMINARS WILL GIVE YOU THE TOOLS TO CREATE YOUR OWN PERSONAL MARKETING MACHINE.

You will receive the CDs, DVDs and Workbooks from these two events that will not be repeated!

Prepay: $5,500.00
6 Monthly Payments of: $1008.33


Here are a few highlights of what you will learn…

  • The 3 Secrets that Solve 85% of Revenue Problems
  • The Magic Closing Phrase
  • How to Attract, Create Trust With, Control and Multiply Your Ideal Patient
  • 21 Things That The Scheduling Institute Is Doing, That You Should Be Doing, But Aren’t

Learn from:
Jay Geier, Marketing and New Patient Generation Expert
Steve Slaunwhite, Expert Copy Writer & Best Selling Author
Dr. Vincent Monticciola, Founder of Dentistry from the Heard
Thomas Harpointer, Founder & CEO, AIS Media Inc. & Social Media Expert
Fred Joyal, 1-800-Dentist
Dan Kennedy, Millionaire Maker & Marketing Guru
Ben Gay III, Sales Trainer & Best Selling Author
Howard Farran, International Lecturer, Author & Founder of Dentaltown