Practice Transformation Series

10 Cutting-Edge Strategies Proven to Transform Your Dental Practice Into a Profitable & Rewarding Business… and Multiply Your Income More than You Ever Dreamed Possible!

7+ Hours of Audio Content 1 Workbook 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Prepay: $1,497.00
3 Monthly Payments of: $525


Gain ten bold strategies that are going to absolutely transform the way you think about dentistry, so you can witness your practice grow to extreme heights, increase your revenue and multiply your income more than you ever thought possible.

This is your opportunity to learn ten proven practice transformation strategies… straight from one of Dentistry’s most controversial, yet truthfully accurate experts, who has acquired over 25 years of experience working with  more than 122,000 private practices.



  • The one thing that is like a catalyst to all other strategies – having this one process installed in your office can make or break the results of everything else.
  • What it really means to be the owner of a practice, and the key areas you need to focus on to make sure you are growing.
  • The truth about a plateau and how if you are growing by 10% or less each year you are actually shrinking.
  • What your financial advisor doesn’t want you to know but that you need to hear sooner than later as a business owner.
  • How to leverage and keep your biggest asset in the practice: your team.


Kit Breakdown

Create Your Exit Strategy  Learn how to create your exit strategy from dentistry that will allow you to live the lifestyle you want and be financially free when you retire

Master Case Presentation Understand  the secret to mastering the art of persuasion in dentistry so you can get every patient to say YES to what you know they need

The Truth About Money Get your practice to product more income than you ever thought possible and get out of debt sooner than you ever imagined

Importance of a Vision for Your Practice Learn how to create a vision for your practice that will make practicing more purposeful, profitable and fun

Double Your Production   Learn the five strategies  you can start tomorrow to double your production without doubling the time you spend with patients

Effective Staff Incentives  Learn how to create effective team incentives that will significantly increase their  productivity and turn them into revenue producers

Bad Economy, Thriving Practice  Discover a strategy to ensure your practice will not just survive, but thrive in spite of an uncertain and unstable economy

10 Ways to Increase the Effectiveness of Your Marketing  Find out how to become a better marketer and get better results out of the marketing you do

New Patients, New Patients, New Patients Discover the importance of New Patients to your practice in today’s ever-changing economy 

Crush Your Competition  Discover the 22 things a $12 Million Dental Practice is doing to win over patients for life and set their practice apart from competition




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