Practice Growth 5-CD Power-Pack

The Practice Growth 5-CD Power-Pack Includes 5 CDs on various topics including: 

  1. Preventing and Handling Missed Appointments
  2. 10 Ways to Increase Your Effectiveness as a Marketer
  3. How to Double Your Time Off and Double Your Income
  4. Secrets to a Superstar Staff 5. Add $20 – $40K to Your Bottom Line.

It is for someone that wants to grow, build their Practice, provide new systems and training to their team and open to new ideas. Someone that is willing and wants to learn how to improve their Practice.

When implemented you will see less missed appointments, more new patients, more effective marketing, more engaged team, increased income. These are solutions you have tried to fix by yourself with no luck!



You will also learn:

  • Learn how to time-block your calendar’s and spend time with your family or what’s important to you. 
  • Find out the 3 ways to Double Your income
  • Obtain the 10 concepts and characteristics of a superstar staff
  • Obtain a system to Track New Patients by Referral Source and Track Marketing Expenses by Referral Source
  • Forget all of the industry norms about marketing – if you practice by industry norms, your income will be the industry norm
  • Learn how to double your results from your Marketing efforts
  • Find out how to segment your list and communicate to the different groups appropriately
  • Find out what frustrates patients are most frustrated, there are 3 things to avoid!
  • How to track your kept appointments vs. missed appointments
  • Patients will behave the way your office is behaving (tone, culture, ambience)
  • 4 ingredients/elements that have to jive together in your office
  • 3 Strategies to improve the # of missed appointments in your Practice