Eventchilada 2022 – Digital Access

Eventchilada 2022 on 


Prepay: $5,752.50
12 Monthly Payments of: $491.67



THE ALL NEW 2022 Eventchilada
The 2022 Eventchilada includes everything you and your team need for overcoming any challenges that may arise this year. You will receive 95+ hours of content to help you and your team craft your category of one action plan, increase your income, drive new patients and conversion rates, create a winning culture and more! That’s 15 days of specialized practice growth content for you and your team to devour! 


Product Format: Digital Access on your Account. Prefer CDs and DVDs? Call 770-518-7575. 


Culture Creator Content Series 

This is a 7-Part series taught by Scheduling Institute’s Team Leaders on creating a culture calendar, executing contests that create results, retaining top talent, accountability, team building events and more!


Culture Fest 2.0

This is our most recent event where we had experts like NBA Superstar Magic Johnson, Best-Selling Authors Adrian Gostick and Kindra Hall teach us about how to create a Practice that yourself and your team love working at every day.

Learn to build a culture that patients want to refer their friends to and learn how to build your best, most engaged and loyal team ever!

The Ultimate New Patient Attraction Event

Obtain strategic marketing techniques and customer service strategies that will increase your New Patients. In this 2-day event, Jay Geier reveals how to make marketing, selling and building trust with patients easier than ever. Plus, he covers how to implement effective, automatic referral strategies.


2021 Culture Transformation Videos

These videos were submitted to us by Practices like yours. They share how they used the tools from our Culture Content Series to keep the team highly engaged and productive during the Pandemic!


The Best Case Presentation Event Ever

Learn to stop selling and start building value with your patients. Sharpen your skills and learn new principles that will get you better results and you’ll hear the word ‘YES’ more often! Break old case presentation habits, polish your verbiage and master advanced patient communication skills to increase your average new patient revenue by at least $500.


How to Create a Practice That’s a Category of One 

Do you want a practice that’s incomparable to your competition? For the first time ever, Jay Geier revealed the secret strategy of how he built the Scheduling Institute and is packaging it up for you so that you can apply it to your own Practice and turn it into millions of dollars. This strategy will allow you to have a competitive advantage and build a Practice that has NO apples to apples comparison. You will catapult New Patients and referrals into your practice and make smarter decision more easily and confidently.


Human Resources Bootcamp

You will receive 6 full days of content on the #1 topic and issue in the workforce right now – and all of this is specific to Private Practices. Scheduling Institute’s dynamic speakers cover hiring, recruiting, retention, calendar planning, communication and more!


The Total Cost to Attend Each of These Events in Person: $72,085


By Investing in the Eventchilada 2022, You Save $66,185 and Receive Digital Access to ALL of these Events!