This is the ULTIMATE tool for the information junkie, with unlimited amounts of content and information right at your fingertips…and in every format you could imagine! It’s perfect for the gym, your car, your office, your team, or on a trip. It’s coaching that fits your lifestyle!

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The Eventchilada contains 7 of Jay Geier’s BEST events of the past, 127 hours of specialized content, 108 CDs, 69 DVDs, 8 Workbooks, a preloaded iPad, iPod and so much more! After 10,000+ hours of research and multiple millions of dollars spent, Jay narrowed down the most important fundamentals needed to make 100% certain you achieve all your goals in practice. Everything from new patient generation to staff training.

The Whole Eventchilada will enhance your marketing, case presentation and financial freedom. It’s the ultimate way for you and your team to stay focused, make up for lost time, plan for the future and exceed your goals!



  • Over 100 hours and $29,204 worth of trainings, seminars and events that will fuel your brain and turn your practice into BIG profits
  • Jay’s 3 BEST staff meetings of all time so you can see what happens in a real and productive staff meeting
  • Over 200 heart touching and mind motivating stories from Doctors all across North American who are doing and achieving EXACTLY what you’re striving for


Kit Breakdown

The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 1.0

You’ll get a step-by-step, blow-by-blow of what’s really happening out there in the world of new patient and practice marketing. There’s only one aspect of your practice that has the most power to multiply your efforts and your profits and that aspect is your MARKETING. Gain a real, legitimate marketing arm of your practice…. A marketing arm that has a reach of 3 years… not three days and then you’re stuck out there on your own… a full-fledged complete 3-year marketing arm that will lay the foundation for growing your practice, building your market share and solidifying your personal family finances.

The Best Marketing Seminar Ever 2.0

Jay Geier, Steve Slaunwhite, Ben Gay III and Howard Farran lay out your personal blueprint for the only way to radically increase market share, new patients and income… the blueprint that reveals the straight line between where you are right now and complete competition annihilation. You’ll see exactly how to have every member of your community clearly understand who you are and why you are different than every doctor they’ve ever seen.

Conversion and Compliance Event 1.0

Understand how and when to present “bad” news and how to present price! This event will teach you how to get your patients to come in more often and how to get more revenue from each patient! You and your staff will learn and understand the principles of influence and how they relate to patient satisfaction and revenue.

Conversion and Compliance Event 2.0

Jay dives deep into the nitty gritty specifics of successful case presentation, into the truth about HOW a Doctors’ actions influence how often they get to hear YES vs. NO, and the most advanced details Jay’s ever shared about the latest in financial arrangements that work for your patients. Your case acceptance rate will be higher than ever after you watch this event!

Conversion and Compliance Event 3.0

Do you ever wonder WHY your new patient did not say YES to the treatment you recommended? Do you ever feel like you had it sold, and then something happened, and the patient left without scheduling? Do you ever wish you knew EXACTLY what to say to convince a patient that this is the best treatment for them without sounding like you’re are just trying to sell something? If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, your solution is here. This event was the third and final Conversion and Compliance Event. 2,600 Doctors and their team members attended and walked away with the proper training tools to enhance their engagement when it comes to patient satisfaction in order to increase patient retention.

New Patient Attraction Event

You really can have as many new patients as you want! It doesn’t have to be a struggle. It doesn’t have to be erratic and unpredictable. It’s doesn’t have to tricky, salesy or clever either. Discover the secret to attracting new patients to your practice… quickly, easily, dependably and ethically.

Financial Freedom Weekend

Spend 2 days learning how to pay off debts, accumulate wealth and increase your Net Worth! With Jay Geier’s Debt Elimination and Wealth Accumulation Formula, you and your significant other will be on the same page financially and will be capable of paying off debts without being stressed day after day. You will learn how to track results and know where you stand financially on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. Not only will you understand HOW to crunch the numbers to set deadlines and goals, but you’ll also gain a full understanding of how much assets ACTUALLY cost (real cost + opportunity cost) so that you can be a smart buyer in the long-run!


I wanted to pass on a thanks to Jay. The recordings you guys provide have helped me control the dragons of fear in my head. I have stopped listening to the radio in the car. Every day I listen to one of your CDs. It has done wonders for controlling my bubble. When I get to the office, I have gained some insight I’m able to pass on to the staff at out morning meeting.

Dr. W. Smith

I got the iPad because you’ve got to keep sharpening your acts. I need to keep seeing this over and over again, so I can keep focus and stay engaged.

Dr. Riecker

Great tool for getting newcomers up to speed! We have two copies!

Dr. M. Landry


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