7 of Scheduling Institute’s Most Valuable Events – Content Proven to Revolutionize Your Practice

93% of our TOP producing Doctors all own this Positive Mental Nutrition On-The-Go – The Eventchilada. This tool alone can change your Practice and Personal life. This is the ULTIMATE tool for the information junkie, with unlimited amounts of content and information right at your fingertips…and in every format you could imagine! It’s perfect for the gym, your car, your office, your team, or on a trip. It’s coaching that fits your lifestyle!

Prepay: $5,161.00
6 Monthly Payments of: $946.17


This Package Includes

  • THE NEW PATIENT ATTRACTION EVENT – Discover the Secret to Attracting an Unlimited Number of New Patients to Your Practice Quickly, Easily, Dependably & Ethically!
  • CONVERSION AND COMPLIANCE 1.0, 2.0 & 3.0 – Radically Improve Your Patients’ Experience and Satisfaction & Turn “YES” into the Normal Response to Your Case Presentation!
  • THE BEST MARKETING SEMINAR EVER 1.0 and 2.0 – Learn How to Create Your Own Personal Marketing Machine, with the Tools, Strategies, Secrets and Even Actual Tested & Proven Marketing Campaigns You Can Use Immediately!
  • FINANCIAL FREEDOM WEEKEND – Jay Reveals His Own Proven Processes & Resources to Help You Grow the Value of Your Practice, Increase Cash Flow, Pay Off Debt and Increase Your Net Worth to Gain Financial Independence!-iPod Fully Loaded with all the Audio

  • iPad Stand
  • Never Before Seen Footage of Jay Geier’s Personal Staff Meetings
  • Over 200 Inspiration Stories from other offices making things happen