The Arsenal


Spend 15 Minutes a Day with Content Designed to Help you Craft Your Category of One Action Plan, Increase Net Worth, Drive New Patients and Conversion Rates, Create a Winning Culture and More…


Prepay: $5,752.50
12 Monthly Payments of: $491.67


How will you remain focused in 2020? It’s election year. Your mailbox, inbox, social media feed, radio, television and everything in between will be overloaded with biased, inaccurate, distracting information that takes you focus off of your practice. You must decide what to cut out this year, and exactly what you want to replace it with.

The Arsenal is basically 15 minutes of information per day, for one year. And this includes information for your entire team: Money, Marketing, Leadership, Case Presentation, Practice Culture and New Patients. The Arsenal is an array of resources for your ENTIRE TEAM and it’s currently in BETA TESTING which means:

  1. You will be amongst the first to get your hands on this plethora of information.
  2. You will receive the lowest price EVER.
  3. And it’s 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The Arsenal includes SIX of Jay Geier’s previous, SOLD OUT events on CD, DVD, preloaded iPad and iPod. Plus, you will receive all of the event workbooks to follow along as if you were at the live event.


  • 16+ hours of leadership development content for any established or aspiring leader
  • 10+ hours of learning to break old case presentation habits & mastering patient communication skills
  • 14+ hours of marketing strategies to increase your New Patient numbers by at least 20% this year
  • 19+ hours of building your Net Worth through real estate portfolios, tax planning & goal setting
  • 12+ hours of learning to become a private practice that’s incomparable to any other in your town
  • 22+ hours of strategies designed to help you recruit, retain, engage and motivate your team to grow

Kit Breakdown

The Leadership Summit

This two-day seminar will help you to intentionally craft your leadership highlight reel so that it includes a Leadership Team that you can be proud of, and humble about. Learn what it means to be the kind of leader everyone on your team wants you to be: someone who creates, articulates and passionately owns a vision, then focuses on the right things to relentlessly drive it to completion.

The Best Case Presentation Event Ever

The #1 thought that patients have when they think about the Doctor is FEAR. Fear of pain, fear of bad news… whatever the case, Jay Geier will teach you how YOU can change this negative perception. Improve your internal and external communication, build stronger relationships with your patients and increase your revenue by $100,000 with the strategies revealed during this 2-day seminar.

The Ultimate New Patient Attraction Event

It’s your marketers job to make your practice famous. And you need to be ok with that! Eliminate everything that’s no longer working in New Patient marketing so you can save your money and stop wasting it on marketing that does not work! Allow your Marketer to put their hands in the most recent marketing tools, strategies, and systems that are WORKING with patients in this era of dentistry.

The Wealth Summit

Spend three full days focusing on your #1 most important statistic – YOUR NET WORTH. The Wealth Summit is all about building your Net Worth through your real estate portfolio, tax planning and your personalized 10-year plan. Learn to build, track and maintain your wealth by watching the only event that contains this type of specialized knowledge for Private Practice Owners.

How to Create a Practice That’s in a Category of One

Would your patients rate your office as AVERAGE or BEYOND COMPARE? This two-day, revenue-driving event will dramatically increase the value of your practice & provide concrete, immediately usable strategies for shielding your practice from competition so you can stand strong, successful and secure. Don’t settle for good. Join the Top 1% of Practices and become untouchable.

Culture Fest

Building the best team in town starts and ends with one thing… CULTURE. As you watch this 3-day seminar, you’ll learn from Jay Geier, Nick Saban, a Zappos Culture Strategist, Chick-Fil-A’s Vice President of Marketing and others! They’ll teach you how to craft your practice culture in order to get uncommon results and will make your practice the most desirable in town – for your team and patients.


3 pages into the study guide/book and already coming up with so many new ideas! This has become a brand new swipe file for me. If you’re guessing or debating on getting it or not… take it from me. I’ve attended Marketing Matters, Team Leaders and about to attend the Marketing U. You can’t get enough! Stats have sky-rocketed!

C. Tillery, Marketing Director

Just wanted to share with you all that I invested in the 21 Marketing Things product and gave it to my front office. They followed the Reactivation process and had 82 patients schedule (reactivate) within the 1st 30 days!

Dr. R. Hibbert

I’m a huge Fact Finder, so I want to learn how to do it, and not have to reinvent things, and work with a system that is in place that I know is going to work. And that is what I have been getting. There is so much stuff here that it would take forever to learn it on your own.

Jeanmarie Murray, Marketing Director

Quality writing is an important skill set and it a very important factor in how potential patients and current patients perceive the office and the educational level of the staff. It must be done right. I appreciate Jay’s decision to emphasize copywriting and convey how important it is.

Amina at Dr. H. Aziz’s Office

I’ve known that I need to do sequences, campaigns and events, but I haven’t figured it out. I didn’t know how to go about it, but now I have a template. I am excited to start a reactivation campaign that has all the right steps.

S. Norris, Marketing Director