Blueprint for the Independent Dentist Book

Blueprint for the Independent Dentist
11 Steps any Independent Dentist Can Take to Combat Corporate Dentistry
By: Jay M. Geier


The wolves of Wall Street are at the door… and you do not want to let them in! Like me, they recognize the next ten years are going to be an amazing run for the dental profession and they want a piece of the action! But at what price to you, your financial potential, your patients, your staff, and your reputation?

Now is NOT the time to sell your practice or take on a corporate partner!

Don’t be blinded by seemingly irresistible financial offers and fall victim to their claims. Don’t let them steal your life’s work, and all the equity you’ve worked so hard to build!

Instead, take action! Increase your engagement, shore up your Practice, super-train your staff, and supercharge your growth. Defuse the corporate clinic as competition by proving you’re different… better… and more caring than any other doctor’s office they’ve ever been to!

Stay in control of your destiny; retain the freedom to make business decisions that are in your best interest. I urge you to follow this “Blueprint for the Independent Dentist” and take the steps necessary to not just survive in this period of corporate takeovers, but truly thrive in it!