The 5X Big Year Collection

The Big Year Collection: 5X MEMBERS ONLY. 2017 was the BIG YEAR – the single biggest year of growth that your Practice has experienced through leadership development. Whether last year truly was your biggest year to date or you fell a little short… the BIG YEAR is NOT over. The BIG YEAR can be repeated time and time again by breaking your records and exceeding your previous year's goals. You only remember 6% of what you hear but with The 5X Big Year Collection, you and your team have the opportunity to retain an additional 6% each time you listen to this content. Imagine the impact this will have on your Practice's results year after year!

Prepay: $4,900.00
3 Monthly Payments of: $1633


The Big Year Annual Planning Session ATL and PHX: Learn the secrets to creating a BIG and successful future, how to delegate control and how YOUR character will shape your success in the BIG YEAR. Listen to Jay explain the importance and strategy behind creating a 1 year, 3 year and 10 year plan.
Everything You Need to Know on Recruiting, Hiring and Duplicating Yourself with Other Doctors- Gain a full understanding of who you want to hire, retain and mentor! This Seminar will help you map out a clinical growth hiring plan by teaching you where to go to find top quality Associates , how to attract them to your practice and how to select the best of the best.
Category of One Workshop – Move away from the commodity market adn becoming a Category of One Practice! Increase your profit margins by learning how to protect your business and not get involved in the industry norm.
Marketing Seminar: Jay Geier unfolds all you need to know to become an effective marketer in your industry. He uses this 1-day Seminar to reveal marketing strategies that we implement at the Scheduling Institute that you should be doing too! Adam Witty, Guest Speak and founder and CEO of Advantage Media Group talks about how book publishing can lead to your next big step in Practice growth!
Executive Leadership Summit 2018
The Big Year Video Submissions on DVD


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